At Northridge DentalWorks, we are proud to offer the innovative Teeth-in-a-Day procedure, a revolutionary approach that allows us to restore your full smile with dental implants in just a single appointment. This cutting-edge technique is perfect for those seeking immediate results without compromising quality and durability.

What is Teeth-in-a-Day?

Teeth-in-a-Day is a state-of-the-art dental procedure that provides a full arch of prosthetic teeth anchored by strategically placed dental implants. This process is ideal for patients with significant tooth loss or those looking for an alternative to traditional dentures.

The Teeth-in-a-Day Process

Our expert oral surgeon and team ensures a seamless and efficient experience:

  1. Comprehensive Evaluation: We assess your oral health and discuss your suitability for the procedure.
  2. Precise Planning: Utilizing advanced imaging technology, we plan the optimal placement of implants.
  3. Same-Day Surgery: Dental implants are placed, and a full arch of teeth is attached all in one visit.
  4. Instant Transformation: You leave our office with a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing set of teeth.

Advantages of Teeth-in-a-Day

  • Immediate Results: Walk out with a new smile on the same day.
  • Minimally Invasive: Less downtime and discomfort compared to traditional implant procedures.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Function: Offers stability and comfort, improving your ability to eat and speak.
  • Long-Term Solution: A durable and permanent alternative to dentures.

Your New Smile Awaits

Embrace the convenience and transformative power of Teeth-in-a-Day in Northridge, California. Contact us at 818-882-0100 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jonathan Peri to learn more about this innovative procedure.

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