Better Dental Implant Treatment with Papaya 3D Imaging

Better Dental Implant Treatment with Papaya 3D Imaging

Dental implants are the gold standard solution for missing teeth but that doesn’t mean some dental implant procedures don’t go more smoothly than others. Here at Northridge Dental Works, we know that we need as much information as possible to do the best work possible. That’s why we make use of the latest and best diagnostic technology with Papaya 3D Imaging. This Papaya system benefits our patients in many ways. We’ll explain why that is.

Why is Papaya 3D Imaging Technology Better for Dental Implant Treatment?

P3D premium_2Dental implants differ from other dental procedures in that the implant needs to make direct contact with the jaw bone – and not just any part of the jawbone. Selecting the right point of contact is crucial, so seeing only the outside of the bone, as on a standard digital x-ray, is far from optimal. An image that shows the internal structures of the bone, blood vessels, and tissue, on the other hand, is a huge plus. It allows Dr. Niloo Tavakol and her team of leading oral health experts to know exactly what they are going to be doing before the actual work begins.

How Do Patients Benefit from Papaya 3D Technology?

Using the leader in 3D imaging technology means that Dr. Tavakol can know the precise location where the implant should be placed prior to the procedure. Thus, the incision into the gum can be significantly smaller. The smaller incision, in turn, means a less invasive procedure with less minor discomfort and improved recovery time. The end result of using Papaya 3D Scan Technology is maximum safety, speedier recovery, and consistent outcomes.

Sweet Science with Papaya 3D Imagining at Northridge Dental Works

Dr. Niloo Tavakol is one of the leading dentists in the Greater Los Angeles area and is known for her skill and thoughtful use of the latest technology and most advanced techniques in the oral health field. If you are looking for superb care, including dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and more in the Northern San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles, Dr. Tavakol and her team look forward to hearing from you. Call the number on your screen or visit our contact page.