Why is Dentistry Important?

Northridge dentalworksNothing attracts our attention when we look at another person like a smile and this image proves it. Even though it’s much more unusual to see someone missing an eyebrow than a person missing a tooth, you probably noticed the man’s missing tooth and are maybe just seeing his missing eyebrow right now. We’re wired to look at the teeth first. You bet that dentistry is important!

The best approach to a healthy smile is always prevention – good oral hygiene, regular dental exams and cleanings, and doing whatever we can to avoid dangerous situations. Still, life has a way of making things difficult and many of us find ourselves losing teeth due to advanced tooth decay, accidents, and illnesses.

Fortunately, there is a lot we can do to achieve the healthiest and most attractive smile possible when teeth are missing. Naturally, that starts by replacing them.

What is the Best Kind of Tooth Replacement?

While traditional dentures and bridgework are much better than nothing, dental implants are the gold standard. There are three primary benefits.

  • Appearance – Oral implants are almost impossible for most people to distinguish from natural teeth. They can also be customized to blend in with other teeth and maximize an attractive smile.
  • Convenience – Bridgework and dentures require special care that can be annoying and time-consuming. Oral implants are cared for exactly as you should care for your natural teeth, with no additional steps beyond flossing, brushing, and regular dental visits.
  • Health – Bone loss in the jaw is a potentially serious side effect of losing teeth. To start with, it can endanger the gums, leading to further tooth loss. It can also change the bone structure of the face. Dental implants are titanium screws that are surgically implanted in the gum and stimulate the jaw similarly to natural teeth. They are the only kind of tooth replacement that may deal with bone loss.

What is the Best Way to Repair Damaged or Chipped Teeth?

Every case is different but cosmetic dentistry options such as Lumineer brand dental veneers can cover up chipped or discolored teeth with a thin layer of carefully crafted porcelain.

Where is the Best Place to Have My Smile Restored?

If you are looking in the Northern San Fernando Valley, patients agree that Dr. Niloo Tavakol and her team of leading oral healthcare professionals are the finest in the Los Angeles SFV area. For further information call the number above or visit our contact page.